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Lucia Mokres, DVM

Founder and Principal

Araneae Biotech Consulting LLC enables success for pre-incorporation, early stage, and mature life science companies. Support includes guided coaching in Stakeholder and Ecosystem Discovery (Lean Startup), Executive Relief, Medical Affairs, Clinical Science, and Clinical Operations, and Regulatory Compliance/Quality Systems in partnership with Metis Consulting Services. For those coming from academia or industry who are interested in working independently as a consultant, individualized coaching is available.

With over a decade of experience in the life science industry, spanning devices, drugs, veterinary products, and diagnostics, I have gained a rare perspective on what it takes to bring an innovative product from concept to commercialization. I specialize in guiding early-stage companies as they navigate stakeholder and ecosystem discovery, fundraising, and execution on milestones. I am also well-positioned to assist companies of all stages and sizes needing extra hands on deck for specific projects, having the curiosity and professional agility required to rapidly assimilate knowledge of new technologies and indications.

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