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Araneae Biotech Consulting LLC provides consulting services in Stakeholder and Ecosystem Discovery (Lean Startup), Executive Relief, Consultant Coaching, Medical Affairs, Clinical Science, and Clinical Operations

Stakeholder and Ecosystem Discovery (Lean Startup)

Let's get it started!

Executive Relief

Let's keep you sane!

consultant coaching

Welcome to the dark side!

Medical Affairs

Where the data rubber meets the commercial road!

Clinical Science

(Data) reveal party!

Clinical Operations

Let's get 'er done!

Stakeholder Dev
Stakeholder and Ecosystem Discovery (Lean Startup)

As an entrepreneur, author, mentor, and engaged advisor to numerous early-stage companies, I know what it takes to be capital-efficient, develop a clear strategic and tactical plan, and initiate a successful fundraising campaign. At the heart of this is the hard work it takes to go through the stakeholder and ecosystem discovery process. By developing a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the stakeholders who dictate your success or failure, you will be equipped to carve out a much more refined product development path. Further, you will be able to create pitch decks, grant applications, or internal funding requests using real data rather than wishful thinking and poor assumptions. Whether you have not yet started your company, or are already a large corporation seeking support for pipeline development, I offer several coaching packages that meet you where you are and elevate your development plan.


Stakeholder Discovery Guidance and Coaching

Key Resource Identification

Interview Management and Review

Input of Discoveries into Grants, Pitches, and

Internal Funding Requests

Executive Relief
Executive Relief Services

At some point, you will reach an inflection point at which your workload goes from barely manageable to impossible. You will need someone efficient, competent, and fearless to hand things off to--someone like you!--but you can't afford, or don't need, a full time hire. There is nothing I like better than a juicy project to which I can add real value and, like the pop-off valve on an anesthesia machine, release the pressure when (or preferably, before) you are at risk of missing key deadlines and milestones. 


Executive Coaching 

Pitch Decks and Executive Summary Development

Target Product Profile Development

Accelerator Application Strategy

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Funding Opportunity Strategy and Analysis

Resource and Key Talent Identification


Project Management

Business Development

Interim CxO/VPx/Director X/Chief of Staff for

Clinical, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs

Consultant Coaching
Consultant Coaching

The allure of independent consulting is undeniable. Consulting provides exposure to numerous cutting-edge technologies. You can often work remotely and on your own schedule. You have the opportunity add value specific to your experience and expertise. However, the transition from a salaried job or academic position to independent consulting can be quite daunting. How do you know if it’s something you’ll really happy doing?  What if you can’t get enough business? When should you set up a legal entity? Do you need insurance?  Where do you find legal and tax advice? And most importantly, who is going to engage your services? Leveraging my experience as a consultant, my work in business development for other consultancies, and my extensive training in customer discovery, I will provide you with the guidance and perspective you need to embark on this next evolution in your career. 


Business Development

Networking Strategy

Business Logistics

Customer Discovery

Business Coaching

Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Coaching

Medical Affairs
Medical Affairs

I am well-networked and enjoy engaging with both internal and external stakeholders. I work very well cross-functionally, and love the mix of strategic and operational work that comes with medical affairs projects. Thanks to my clinical and research background, I am well-equipped to take  complex scientific and medical concepts and synthesize them into coherent, well-organized reports, presentations, journal articles, and more. 


KOL, SAB, and MAB Engagement

Medical Affairs Strategy and Execution

Scientific Publications and Podium Presentations

White Papers

Literature Reviews

Clinical Evaluations

Risk/Benefit Analysis

Marketing Collateral

Clinical Science
Clinical Science

At the heart of every scientist is a desire to design, analyze, and interpret high-impact studies. The study design must consider not only the endpoints that support safety and efficacy for regulatory approval, but also the competitive landscape and needs of payers, product prescribers, and patients. Once the study is completed, the analysis and interpretation of the clinical data collected is one of the most exciting parts of medical research--like the big reveals Apple is famous for. A successful Clinical Science leader is organized, resourceful, an excellent project manager, and extremely high-throughput. I have been engaged in Clinical Science efforts both pre-and postmarket for the better part of the last decade.


Clinical Protocol Development

Preclinical and Clinical Study Reports

Annual Reports

Health Hazard Evaluations

Clinical Evaluation Plans and Reports

Adverse Event Analysis

Risk/Benefit Analysis

Clin Ops
Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations require a leader who is incredibly organized, can consider the big picture while maintaining impeccable attention to detail, can spot and manage potential problems before they materialize or become intractable, and who has an appreciation of the importance of the work beyond the scope of the job description. My background in project management, clinical science, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, and clinical operations gives me a unique perspective on the impact that data quality and integrity have on patient safety, regulatory compliance and approval, adoption by the medical community, and reimbursement. 


Clinical Trial Management

CRO and Vendor Management

CEC Management

Contract Review

Identification and Engagement with Key Resources (CRO, data manager, biostatistics, legal counsel, etc)

Real World Evidence

Clinical Quality (via partnership with

Metis Consulting Services)

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