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A friend of mine once returned from one of her many trips to Mexico with a gift for me: a spider, made of colorful wires and beads. She explained that it had special meaning. She had a dream, in which she was a spider. She was trying to build a web, but something kept tearing it down, so she would begin to build again, over and over. This conceptualization of resilience, determination, patience, adaptation, and reinvention reminded her of me, and she brought me the spider as a talisman.  

I believe that all of these qualities are required of innovators as they strive to bring paradigm-shifting innovations to healthcare. 

Araneae is the taxonomic order encompassing spiders. Though I personally love spiders, I thought long and hard about whether to invoke these oft-reviled creatures in a business name. However, the meaning and opportunity for metaphor are too compelling to ignore. There are many variations on pronunciation (much like my first name), but I go with a-rainy-eye. 

My friend died of breast cancer, but the legacy of her inspirational vision lives on. 

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