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Welcome to the WEB-inar!

OK, it's actually not a webinar, it's "just" a blog. I just couldn't resist the web reference... sorry not sorry.

You can expect weekly posts from me, and occasionally guest bloggers when I am too uninspired or lazy to write anything interesting -- oops, I mean, who will add fabulous knowledge and depth to the blog content.

The topics will vary, but the common thread will be innovation in life science - namely, what it takes to set up and run an effective innovation program, whether you are just founding a company. or innovating within a long-established one. Burning questions like, "what is a stakeholder ecosystem?", "when and how do I start setting up a quality system and do I haaaaaaaavvveee toooooooooo?", "what do partners look at when doing diligence for M&A?", and "I hired someone who turned out to be a total twatwaffle, now what"? will be answered.

I hope that in time this blog will become a valuable reference library for life science innovators of all stripes. For the rest of you, just entertain yourself finding the various spider/web references I make - a verbal Where's Waldo, if you will. Make it a drinking game if you must.

Stripe-y innovator

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